I was energetic. 

Pleased with my iron based curls. Red lips. Winged liner. Under the impression I’d have an unforgettable night. 

An old colleague cancelled. 

I sat on the busy freeway on my way to a club 15 minutes away from my current stay. 

I waited in the cold long line to a club that had no woman in it. Couples kept getting turned away and I persisted at the end of the line. Shivering.

I approached the large dark bouncer dressed all in black with a black leather jacket.

No tickets. No prior purchase. No entry.  Sold Out.



I waited in my car while I searched for another location. I wasn’t going to let this outfit go to waste. The night was young. And so was I.

The man in the valet parking approached me. Introduced himself through my slightly opened car door. 

“I am looking for another place to go.” I informed. 

“There is a club that stays open until four a.m. if you like Cumbias. It’s walking distance.” He replied. 

” You don’t want to stay here anyway. It’s exclusive for men only.” he added. “But if you care to wait I can see what I can do.”

“Yes!” I exclaimed. 

“Okay. Let’s walk you to the door.” He instructed after being gone for less than ten minutes. 

The same bouncer that turned me away minutes before walked me through the bottom entry as I opted out of the reggae night option upstairs. 

“Just get her a wristband. Comped” he instructed. “Whenever you want to come back just ask for Tommy.” he said. 

I entered the dark nightclub. My eyes, immediately entertained by all the lights that, bounced off a sea of barely clothed men. Every single man towering over me as they opened a path for me to walk passed them like the red sea. My eyes beamed off their tight muscles and they barely glanced at me. Every single Soul with colorful lights bouncing off of them so beautifully. It was the first time I was not acknowledged for my looks. The whole room danced and I continued on to the bar. 

A boy as beautiful as all the others with tan skin, a beautiful straight smile, and the cutest nose inquired about a whiskey coke to the bar tender. 

” Would you like one?” I offered. 

“Oh my God! Yes! Thank you.” he replied.

I expected him to leave me but he was so willing to listen to how I made it in this Exclusive Club. 

He introduced me to the rest of his friends who slowly began to join us. 

A red head Beauty. The only female in their group slightly taller than I.

A thin bleached blond. Short cropped hair with glossy sensual lips. 

And a thick muscular dark haired guy with the kindest smile. 

We spent the rest of the night dancing and pointing out the hottest beefiest men in the club.

These strangers would become the first group of friends I encountered in LA.

I was happy to have stumbled across them. 


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